How to Read Sheet Music for Beginners

Learn to read sheet music notation and recognize tones, or play by ear.

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Other Goals of the Music Theory Software:

Notation Memorization
Designed for the beginner to learn to read sight read basic most notation
Aural Memory development
Practice at developing perfect pitch, or being able to play by ear (through aural memory).
Instrument Fingering
To pick up your instrument, and immediately know the proper fingering for sheet music.
Impromptu Playing
Various Scales will be presented, with the hope that you will learn the scale while you are learning how to read notation and instinctively "know" what sounds good together.
Music Theory
I personally have to learn more about music theory to create this. Memorizing the scales is the basis for advanced theory.
Multiple Instruments
It is very simple to add an instrument to the choices. I've started with the Ocarina, but have plans for several ocarina types, and the guitar.

To Do

Currently version 1.1 is designed for only 1 instrument (my 12 hole ocarina).

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