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New Tablature Schedule

This site is about Ocarinas. I am posting new melodies in sheet music and tablature form every day. (Well, not every day. I currently have about 100 tabs I’ve created but haven’t had time to add them, formally).


Let me know if there is a special request that you’d like me to tab out and I’ll do my best! I cannot read music, and I’m tone deaf (really). So I need to see the actual sheet music to transcribe it. It’s helpful to have a youtube link so I can hear the melody, but without the sheet music, not much I can do.

What Songs Can be Played?

For the most part, any song that you can sing, hum or whistle, you can play on an ocarina. Nearly all church hymns fit the vocal range that matches an ocarina. And sheet music for them is easily searchable (that is why you might see more in that category on this site). If it has deep base or high tweets in it, the normal ocarina probably can’t do it.

Your Comments Encourage Me

Please comment on the melodies/pages and feel free to use the tablature editor. Basically just click the notes and then click preview. When it’s perfect, save that string, or send it to me so I can add it. Blind adding is not available at this time, and if I don’t know the song I won’t add it. I’ve lost quite a bit of motivation, had some life changes, and it really encouraged me to see people commenting on the site.

4 hole, 6 hole, 12 hole, etc

Many of the songs that you can play on a 12, 6 and a 4 hole ocarina are the same. Anything you can play on a lower hole ocarina will play on a higher hole ocarina. More holes = More range. Less holes = less range. Not all songs that play on a higher hole will play on a lower hole ocarina. I’m more apt to transcribe a 6 hole song because it will also fit on my sister site: 6holeOcarina.com

In Danger of Closing Down!!

In the 6 years I’ve ran this site, only 1 person 2 people have donated (a very generous $25 and 1 subscriber at $10 a month). I greatly appreciate that gesture! My costs are about $15 a month for the server and I’ve paid about $800 out of pocket for themes and people to work on the site. $15 a month x 6 years = $360. In addition I’ve spent roughly $500~ in testing ocarinas, buying books related to sheet music/tablature. I wrote all of the code for the tablature editor and am not counting that labor, but I’ve put in probably 175 hours or more in tweaking the site, managing, coding, etc. A good coder (not me), might make $100 an hour for development.

How to Keep the Site Going

If you like the tabs and want me to work on the site, please encourage me with words or dollars. I like both. You can donate via paypal if you’d like, or leave a comment below.

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  • Emma Ziegler-Blair January 14, 2020, 6:26 pm

    I’m just learning to play ocarina and I kid you not this is like the most helpful site I’ve found out there on the internet. I would like to see more sheet music if you have it! Because honestly it’s just so much easier when you can see the notes and or lyrics. I do have a specific request for the song “for he’s a jolly good fellow” if that isn’t too much trouble.

  • Gin January 14, 2020, 9:27 pm

    Keep doing what you do man, I’ve just found this and I really like the way you made this. I have one song request, which is the entire reason I got an Ocarina. Could you please do Guren’s theme from Naruto shippuden. Pleaseee. Its been done by flute of harmony, so it should be doable on an ocarina.

    • james January 16, 2020, 9:29 am

      I need the simple notes – like the flute sheet music, and then the tablature editor should be able to do it. All notes must fit in the range of the instrument and the flute can do a much wider range than ocarina.

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